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We are always hiring.

As we expand, we are constantly searching for talented, energetic entertainers to host the game with their own style. Players will sing, dance, collaborate and remember their favorite songs as you guide them through the best music of the last 6 decades. The prizes they win are just icing on the cake!

What makes us different?

For players:

We provide the kind of entertainment rarely seen in bar games and private parties. We provide personable, energetic hosts, not a body behind a laptop. Every playlist (50 and counting!) was handpicked and curated over and over again through years of feedback and experience, and we have gotten very, very good at it.

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For Hosts and Entertainers:

We pay nearly double the industry standard. We provide all your equipment AND after a set number of gigs, the equipment is yours to keep. We are here to support you before, after, and during your gigs. We’ll teach you how to use your equipment and run the game, and provide with any and all manner of music you need to keep people partying. Once you’ve got the hang of things, the hosting is yours to customize.

You want to share fun stories of the artists your playing? We have hundreds of trivia and facts about the music we play.

You want to dress as Bon Jovi and air guitar with your blonde wig and acid wash jeans? We have a playlist for that. You wanna throw on some boots and two step to Thomas Rhett, George Strait and John Michael Montgomery? We have a playlist for that.

Bring your winning personality, and we’ll give you every opportunity to use it.

You’ll be paid well for your talent, because we truly believe it is what will separate us from the competition.

Prepare to see a lot of this:


Note from Founder:

Hello all!

I started running this game at Backswing Brewing in Lincoln, NE in August, 2017. As the game spread, I eventually quit my job to do Music Bingo full time. I’ve personally performed at over 750 events, which span from our flagship Music Bingo to fundraisers, private parties, corporate events, company retreats, elementary schools and assisted living centers.

My point is that if you find you have a passion for entertaining, then Music Bingo can be a showcase for your talent! The people you meet along the way will recruit you for further work beyond our organization. If you’ve a fervor for fundraising, you can watch as hundreds of people purchase bingo cards in greater numbers, earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a cause you support.

And if you find you want even more work, we’ll help you spread the word and get you in as many venues as you want, and teach you how the game works differently for children or the elderly.

There’s a lot of opportunity here, and at the time of this writing (January, 2020), I am still performing at over 6 gigs a week. As we expand and I move into training and recruitment, I look forward to meeting people who will spend the rest of their lives charming every individual and massive crowd they find themselves in front of.

We are gonna do great things. I’d love for you to be a part of it.

And hey, when one of you inevitably becomes famous, introduce me to Jennifer Aniston. That’s all I ask.

Elliott Piper